About me

My Beloved Anime is a project born from my passion about Anime, Figures and Games.

I'm an old school developer, my first program was written during a night on the ECS module of the old (but gold) console Intellivision by Mattel.

In those years in Italy there was also the boom of the Anime from Japan (Grendizer, Mazinger, Gundam, Lum, Versaille no Bara, etc. etc.), so I'm grown eating bread with Anime and Games.

Actually I'm a senior developer and also I develop videogames with my two brands: YumeGears and Ideas from Nothing.

I've also regained my otaku spirit about Anime and Manga and I've started to collect many figures and models (essentially related to KanColle and Re:Zero), which have reached a valuable number after 10 years.

My Beloved Anime is the result about mixing all these passions.

Roberto Scarciello