My Beloved Anime - Anime Slot

Anime Slot - Instructions

Anime Slot is a game for fun where you can test your luck trying to obtain 3, 4 or 5 pictures of the same type in the cental row (the one which has a red line in the middle. The pictures must not be consecutive.

Every single picture is about an action figure of an anime girl (or waifu if you like it) from well known shows. In future other girls will be added, so stay tuned.

How to play

Anime slot is a very simple game to play, until you have credits available you only have to push the button SPIN, or press the SPACE BAR, and see your luck at work.

If you have enough credits, you can increase or decrease your bet using the buttons BET + and BET -, every time you push them you will increase or decrease, rispectively, your bet by 1 unit.

When you start the game for the first time, you will obtain 100 credits. Every time you do a SPIN you wil pay your bet using your credits. If you run out of them you can't play anymore until the next day.

Every new day you start the game, you will obtain 10 more credits bonus.