Lum Invader action figure 1/7 scale from Kotobukiya

Serialized from 1978 to 1987, Urusei Yatsura was a comedy manga from Rumiko Takahashi, it also has received an anime serie, films and OAVs. The main female character was Lum an alien from the planet (or better star) Uru, who has challenged a human, Ataru Moroboshi, to conquer planet Earth in a seek and hide game. Having losed the game she became the wife of Ataru and from that time many incredible things have happened in one of the best manga ever.

Printed in 2014 from Kotobukiya designed by the artist Shirahige Tsukuru, in this review, we will see the action figure "Lum Invader" in 1/7 scale. On top of this post you can see some picture of the also called Sexy Alien.

In the above images you can see the original design of the manga and the anime, the atist has chosen to change the design making a Lum more suitable for the new millennium.

In the anime/manga the sexy alien has a slender body (but a little curvy) and the face is more rounded.

The production, for the action figure, has chosen the Lum's classic costume. Indeed she usually wear a sexy brindle bikini with the yellow and black colors. Her hairs are dark green and she has two little horns on her head.

But the body of the sexy alien has been updated to a more slender version, more in line with the actual style adopted in animes and mangas, you can see it from the carousel on the top of the page and the following pictures.

The pose of the figure is a classic from the first opening of the anime. In this pose Lum is making a little jump which will lead her to fly. The alien girl, indeed, has essentially two powers: she can fly and throw lightning. In the figure she has her foot on a star and a crescent moon and two yellow lightning converge in the same position.

Looking at the pictures it can be affirmed that the choice is good and the figure looks lovely. The sculpt work is really well done specially in the areas of bikini and the face. Looking at the mouth it's possible to see another feature of the alien girl, she has two fangs at the position of the canines, Lum, indeed, is an Oni, a demon of japanese mythology.

The Oni race has also horns on the head and Lum makes no exception to this rule (in the manga is also explained that the horns are the source of her powers and without them she turn to a normal girl, until they regrow). The figure has the horns correctly placed on the head and well shaped.

The body is well proportioned, chest and abdomen are well sculpted specially the navel.

The figure is painted in high quality, all the colors are essentially the same of the anime.

The materials used for the figure are PVC and ABS, it looks solid and has a good feeling on touch, some elements like the lightning or the crescent moon must be treated with delicacy and they are also sharp so be carefull.

Is this the definitive action figure of Lum? I don't think so, it's a well done figure but there are also some defects. The conjuction of the hairs on the head is not smooth as you can see on the above picture, and also the painting for the light green and dark green areas is too sharp, in the anime the sudden change of the color is due to the strict time of work cycle, but for the figure a smooth change i think is better.

But the biggest defect of this figure is that the design is too different from the manga and the anime. The design of Lum in the anime is still valid (and sexy) and this change is not really required, but this is really my personal judgement and I'm waiting for your response on my twitter account.

Final response


The action figure of Lum Invader from Kotobukiya is well done. Colors are vivid and material is solid and has a good feel at touch. But some defects doesn't grant to this piece to achieve the full score, minor issues like hairs color and conjuction have a minor impact, but the choice to not follow the original design but to adopt a different one could not give you a good feeling if you are a fan of the anime or manga.

But the quality of the product still remain high and if you wish to have a memorabilia of Lum, probably this is the best buy you can do, if you still find it.