Rem: birthday lingerie ver. action figure 1/7 scale from Kadokawa

In the anime's history there are no many secondary characters who reached high popularity, and in recent years only two of them have gained this type of achievement, the first one is Levi from Attack on Titan, the other one is Rem from Re:ZERO - Starting life in another world -

In this review I will describe one interesting action figure, sculpted by the artist Layup (Kirukiru) and printed in 2017 in 1/7 scale from Kadokawa, about Rem in her birthday lingerie fashion.

This figure has been released for her first birthday celebration which is february 2, the character has reached an extreme popularity and every year for her birthday, alongside her twin sister Ram, there is a celebration.

To get a glimpse why Rem is so popular, it's simple enough to remember her phrase spoken in the anime to Subaru, the main character of the story, which is: "I'll always be by your side, whenever you need me..." after her rejection from him.

In the above images you can see the original design of the anime and the light novel, making a comparation with the images of the figure it's clear that the artist has made some change in the features of the character essentilly about the face which appear more shy.

Rem is a lovely girl (a Oni for real) dressed like a maid with black and white colors. She has short blue hair (her twin sister has pink hair) with blue eyes. When in Oni mode she has a horn which grows from her forehead which shine in a faint blue light and uses a lethal chained morning star and is also a magic user.

In this figure the only thing maintained from her usual robe are her hair accessories, all the lingerie she dresses and the cushion are inspired by them.

As you can see from the pictures in the slideshow, in this figure, Rem is wearing a white and pink lingerie made with translucent material. At a first sight her pose is sitting embracing her knees, but taking a more accurate look you will notice that she has her heels up in a tip-toe pose.

The legs and arms pose, her expression lightly blushing, which make her cute embarassed, the translucent lingerie which allows you to see her body line, and the translucent hair are sculpetd in high details.

There is also a cushion, filled with nanobeads, provided with the figures is a reliable support for the figure.

The material used for the figure is PVC, it looks solid and has a good feeling on touch, the cushion has a lovely and squishy to the touch but it also seems solid, but don't use it has antistress or it will end up broken.

This is a lovely figure of Rem and it's a must to have in a collection related to the blue maid oni. The quality is very high and the choice to use translucent materials adds an interesting see/don't see effect to the figure.

But not all the design really fits the figure, the face is cute but it's a bit too different from the novel and the anime and the Rem fans (like me) could not agree with this choice, but this is really my personal judgement and I'm waiting for your response on my twitter account.

Final response


The action figure Rem: birthday lingerie ver. is a high quality well done one. The choice about some effects and materials, the cute, blushing pose, many details, like the pose, the lingerie and cushion design, the body line are a must. The Rem fans could not like the face features which are a bit different from the novel or manga, but it still remains lovely.

If you like Rem then this figure is a must to have.